Design Trends March 10, 2021

Adding Long-Term Value to Your Home

I have heard it many times from friends and clients, “I’m never going to move!” While this is likely 100% true, at some point your home will probably be sold to someone. Even if you do not expect this to happen for a long time, there are little things you can do along the way to make your home more pleasant, attractive, and comfortable today and in the years ahead. Eventually, if you do not plan on being the one who will sell your home, doing little things over time will make the seller’s job easier when it is time to sell since there won’t be a backlog of things to do/update.

This article discusses ten updates that can increase the value of your home on any budget. If you are considering changes, I would be happy to do a walkthrough of your home and discuss your ideas. Consulting with a real estate professional before committing is a wise idea, since many homeowners make expensive remodels and updates only to later realize they will recoup just a fraction of the money they have invested. If you are not sure whether certain improvements are worth it, reach out! I’m here to help with your real estate needs before, during, and after a sale. #yourhomesherpa