Amie’s Sales Statistics


Amie’s Past 4 Years’ Sales Statistics  – NWMLS Data

Listing Side, Representing Sellers, Residential Homes (SFH)

My Average Sales Price to Original List Price Ratio (SP/OLP): 110.8% 

King County Average Sales Price to Original List Price Ratio (SP/OLP): 101.1%

Snohomish County Average Sales Price to Original List Price Ratio (SP/OLP): 101.3%

Difference: 9.7% and 9.5%, respectively. My SP/OLP averages 9.6% above the typical agent

On an $800,000 home, 9.6% more equates to an additional $76,800


Listing Side, Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) Statistics, Residential Homes (SFH)

My Average Single Family Home Listing CDOM: 5.9 days

Industry Average King County Single Family Home Listing CDOM:  22.6 days

Industry Average Snohomish County Single Family Home Listing CDOM:  21.3 days

100% of my Single Family Home listings were Pending in 7 days or less

94% of all my listings (including condos and multi-family units) were Pending in 7 days or less


Buying Side, Representing Buyers, Residential Homes (SFH + Condos)

My Average Sales Price to Original Listing Price Ratio (SP/OLP): 102.9%

Note that in 2023 some of my buyers opted for a seller credit instead of a price reduction so they could buy down their interest rate. Buying down their rate reduced their monthly payment much more than if they had gotten an equivalent price reduction. Had they elected for a price reduction instead, their purchase price would have been lower which would have caused my SP/OLP ratio to be lower.


Windermere Shoreline 2023 Sales Statistics (my office)

Total Number of Transactions: 285

Total Sales Volume: $228,651,804

Locally owned and family run since 1977, the Windermere Shoreline office is a loved and trusted business in our community. Because our office has many brokers with decades of experience, we are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I make it my practice to regularly consult with owners, managing brokers, and colleagues to ensure you achieve the best results possible.


What these statistics mean to YOU

When Selling: I sell homes faster and at higher prices than industry averages. This nets sellers more money, in a shorter time, with better terms and fewer headaches.

When Buying: I negotiate to help buyers get under contract for the best price and terms possible.

I help buyers purchase their homes faster: My buyers average just 1.7 offers to get under contract. Do your research and compare! Over the past 4 years in our sellers’ market, this number is extremely low.

In an upwardly trending or volatile market with interest rate and price shifts, making fewer offers can mean the difference between purchasing a home and being priced out of the market.

Remember this interest rate rule of thumb: For every 1% increase/decrease in interest rates, your purchasing power increases/decreases by 10%.

So, on an $800,000 home, an interest rate increase of 1% reduces your purchasing power by roughly $80,000. Correspondingly, an interest rate decrease of 1% means your purchasing power increases by roughly $80,000.


Note: All statistics quoted above calculated from the period 1/1/2020 through 12/31/2023 unless otherwise stated.