CommunityHome Tips December 23, 2022

Emergency Preparedness

As we have seen recently, cold weather can bring lots of challenges. Here are a few tips to stay safe when it snows and during power outages:
  • First and foremost, use caution around debris and downed power lines. Be mindful of trees and branches that have been uprooted or broken but have not fallen all the way to the ground
  • Rake/clear snow off of patio overhangs, sheds, carports, and other structures, especially those with flat roofs. Snow, especially when rain soaks it, can become very heavy and cause roofs to collapse. Anyone remember 12/29/1996? It snowed heavily that day, and at the Port of Edmonds Marina there were collapsed roofs, more than 200 boats sank, and there was extensive damage
  • Keep your driveway and walkway clear of snow and debris. Use sand, salt, or kitty litter to provide traction. Better yet, keep some in your car
  • Clear large icicles from roofs so they do not fall and hit someone when they begin to melt
  • Monitor snow load on trees and bushes and remove snow if the branches get too heavy
  • Keep faucets dripping during freezing temps to prevent pipes from freezing (and bursting). If they do, give me a call and I can refer you to some great plumbers
  • If you are driving for the holidays, find winter driving tips HERE.
26+ Basic Supplies to have in case of EMERGENCY
  1. Water: one gallon per person per day for 3+ days
  2. Food: At least a 3+ day supply of non-perishable food
  3. Can Opener
  4. Battery-operated or hand crank radio
  5. Flashlight + extra batteries
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Whistle to signal for help
  8. Dust mask to help filter contaminated air, plastic sheeting, and duct tape for sheltering in place
  9. Moist towelettes, hand sanitizer, garbage bags, and plastic ties for personal sanitation
  10. Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  11. Local maps
  12. Copies of important family documents (ID, insurance policies, bank accounts). Put in a waterproof portable container
  13. Cash or traveler’s checks
  14. Sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person
  15. Complete change of clothes, including a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and sturdy shoes
  16. Household chlorine bleach (disinfect 9/1 water/bleach)
  17. Fire Extinguisher
  18. Matches in a waterproof container
  19. Personal hygiene items
  20. Mess kits, paper cups, paper plate, eating utensils, paper towels
  21. Paper and pencil/pen
  22. Emergency reference material such as a first aid book
  23. Books, games, cards, other activities for kids
  24. Prescription medications, extra glasses
  25. Infant formula and diapers
  26. Pet Food, pet carrier, extra water for your pet
One good New Year’s Resolution: Complete your Emergency Kit!! Consider buddying up with your neighbor, and see who can finish their list first. Loser buys the winner ____? Another idea: Divide and conquer. Have different family members purchase a few items on the list. Next month, add a few more items until you’re finished.