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Sold Safely $38k Over Asking!

My Seller is in a high-risk group. She and her family had concerns about her staying safe during COVID-19, but she  needed to sell quickly and wanted top dollar for her home. I helped her achieve her goals:

  • Her home sold in 4 days for $38k over asking price (9.2% above list price)
  • 15 offers were presented, so my Seller got amazing terms. Great terms increase the chances of the sale closing, and make for a lower-risk transaction for the Seller.
  • The Seller remained healthy! She is thrilled, and so is her family.
  • 298 people toured the inside of her home without ever setting foot in it.

Do you (or anyone you know) want or need to buy or sell a home? Are you are worried about staying healthy during COVID-19? If so, call me! Utilizing technology & Safe Showing practices, I help you minimize risk and achieve the results you want. Trust a reliable guide! #yourhomesherpa