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Current Real Estate Market The “Magic” Interest Rate to Motivate Sellers Many would-be buyers and sellers are sitting on the sidelines waiting for rates to drop before they decide to buy or sell their home. With roughly half of homeowners in the U.S. have 50% equity in their homes and more than 80% of them having a mortgage rate of 5% or less, it doesn’t make […]
Current Real Estate Market Our Current Game of Musical Chairs The recent rise in interest rates coupled with high inflation has caused the real estate market to slow and has sidelined both buyers and sellers:  Would-be buyers are waiting for rates and inflation to come back down (so they can afford more house or even get into one), and many sellers are waiting for prices […]
Current Real Estate Market Investors, Inventory, and the Home Purchase Market As you probably have probably heard, home inventory levels are at record low levels. There is a complex set of reasons why this has happened, some of them dating back to the housing crash of 2007+ when home builders went bankrupt and never came back. Recently, in Q3, more investors entered the housing purchase market, […]
Current Real Estate Market Homeowner Equity Soars Here’s a great article by The Seattle Times that discusses homeowner equity gains over the past year. Key points: Home price appreciation is expected to slow this next year, CA, WA, and ID saw the biggest equity price increases this past year, and many who wish to purchase are finding it more and more difficult to […]
Current Real Estate Market Why Homebuyers Are Struggling in This Market Here is a great Forbes article that gives a nice overview of the challenges buyers (especially first-time home buyers) are having in today’s strong seller’s market. The buying strategies discussed are sound and common in our area. While this is great information, the author doesn’t mention the importance of communication. I cannot overstress the importance […]
Current Real Estate Market Generational Housing Trends Millennials are now the biggest contingent of home purchasers ever. “82% of younger millennials and 48% of older millennials were first-time homebuyers, more than other age groups,” according to the National Association of Realtors. Gen Z is also entering the housing market and is now considered an active group of home buyers. Click here for […]
First Time Buyer Frustrated at the High Cost of a Starter Home? In this hyper-competitive escalating housing market, many homeowners are having difficulty buying their first home.  Due to rock-bottom interest rates and scarce inventory, demand is through the roof, so too many buyers are competing for too-few available single-family homes. This is true for not just the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett metropolitan area, but further afield as well. While […]
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