Finances Tax Benefits of Owning a Home Aside from the potential increase in a home’s equity and value over time, did you know that there can be significant tax benefits from owning your own home? Here is a Forbes’ article that discusses  Ten Tax Benefits of Owning a Home.  
Current Real Estate Market Second Home Considerations Are you thinking of buying a second home? With the recent gains in the stock market and in real estate values, many people are! Here are some things to consider before you take the leap. While it can be a potential source of passive income or a nice getaway, there can be added costs and […]
Finances Benefits of Refinancing Good thoughts on the benefits of refinancing. Rates are currently fantastic so it might make sense to refinance now. If you need any lender recommendations, I can direct you to several good ones.
Finances Renovating? Be Sure to Update Your Insurance If you’re considering renovating your home, remember to update your homeowners insurance when your remodel is complete. If you don’t, you could become unknowingly under-insured. Don’t find out the hard way when you go to file a claim and get much less than you expect. Read this article in Realtor® Magazine for more details.
Current Real Estate Market Millions Behind on Rent and Mortgage Payments This is a sobering chart: Millions of Americans are behind on rent or mortgage payments and are at risk of eviction or foreclosure in the next two months. In Washington state, over 21% are not current. That’s a staggering number! If people lose their homes, the housing market will no doubt be affected. Hopefully we […]
Current Real Estate Market The US Job Market and Economic Update The October 2020 jobs report is out! It this video, Matthew Gardner dives into the report and discusses it’s implications. At first glance, the headlines appear good: We added 638,000 jobs in October. This is higher than most experts predicted. However, since February 2020 we have lost 10.1 million jobs. Let that number sink in. […]
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