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New Post Interpreting the Latest Market Numbers There is a lot of information in the latest real estate market statistics! Here are the highlights for the period ending March 31, 2023: 1. Sales volume is down considerably from one year ago. Volume has dropped from the low 20’s to low 30 percentage points depending on area. Sales volume represents the number of […]
Current Real Estate Market 2022 Recap As we finish 2022, in North King and South Snohomish counties, at the end of November the median sold price went up 2.5% from one year ago but down 14.4% from its high of $900k in March of this year. Price fluctuations vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, at different price points, and depending on the […]
New Post Price and Location Matter! In this blog post, I want to show you why it is important to use targeted data when considering trends for a specific property, area, or price point–it is imperative to not overgeneralize. Why? County-wide trends may or may not apply to a particular property. Knowing neighborhoods is paramount when either listing a property for […]
Current Real Estate Market Home Equity Gains This Past Year This past year home values across the nation rose sharply: The average equity gain in the U.S. was $64,000. In  Washington, it was much higher, a whopping $114,000. All totaled, U.S. homeowners gained $3.8 trillion in equity since the first quarter of 2021, a year-over-year gain of 32.2%. Wow! If you are interested in how […]
Current Real Estate Market 8 Seattle Suburbs With the Biggest Price Increases This past year prices rose an average of 15.1% in Western Washington. However, price growth has not been evenly distributed either geographically or across price points. For example, consider these 8 Seattle Suburbs that had home price increases ranging from 30-100% year-over-year. Yes, you read that correctly: One of these areas actually DOUBLED in price […]
Current Real Estate Market Top 10 Predictions for 2022 Last year we saw huge increases in home price appreciation. In Snohomish County, prices went up 22% overall in Snohomish County. Some areas saw even larger increases, especially on the eastside. To help you know what is coming this year, watch Matthew Gardner’s video here. For the condensed version of Matthew’s Top 10, here you […]
Current Real Estate Market Reasons to Sell your Home During the Holidays If you think selling your home during the holidays is a bad idea, think again! Here are 10 Reasons why it makes sense to sell now before inventory increases in the spring. To demonstrate what this video says, I recently listed a home for sale (on 12/16) in Shoreline. There was little else for sale […]
New Post Seattle Area Real Estate Experts Predict Which Covid-Era Trends Will Last Local real estate gurus weigh in on which Covid-Era Trends Will Last: Interesting article! A few highlights. Matthew Gardner (Windermere Real Estate’s Chief Economist): “We’re not over developed, we are under demolished.” Matthew’s three criteria for buying a home: “One, are you stable in your job, or are you working for a dotcom where […]
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New Post Time to Act to Remedy the Housing Shortage If you’re a buyer in today’s housing market, you know how tough it is to purchase a new home! This is especially true in the Seattle metropolitan area, particularly in the suburbs. There are too many buyers for the scant inventory available, leading to bidding wars and disappointed would-be buyers. This article from Realtor Magazine […]
Finances Tax Benefits of Owning a Home Aside from the potential increase in a home’s equity and value over time, did you know that there can be significant tax benefits from owning your own home? Here is a Forbes’ article that discusses  Ten Tax Benefits of Owning a Home.  
New Post March 2021 Market Snapshot For a short video with highlights and the latest March 2021 housing statistics and market activity in our area, click HERE!   , click HERE!
Current Real Estate Market Seattle Times Article: Buying a House in Seattle This is a decent article about buying a home in Seattle in the current intense seller’s market. The article does a good job discussing the challenges, potential pitfalls, and steps to successfully purchasing a home. While I don’t completely agree with some of the statistics (such as the % of homes that generate bidding wars), […]
Current Real Estate Market Housing Tipping Point? This past year the housing market surprised a lot of us: Sales were brisk, prices rose, and interest rates hit record lows, fueling demand. Who would have predicted this during a pandemic? The winds of change may be blowing, however. This article discusses various factors that may point to an upcoming correction in the housing […]
New Post The Cost of Waiting to Buy If you are considering purchasing a home, this year could be a fantastic time! This article discusses the costs of waiting in a rising market.
Community Ending Discrimination Seattle has a looong history of discrimination and suffers from its effects today. In Seattle, there are some neighborhoods where for decades certain classes of people were not allowed to purchase a home; these areas had restrictive language specifying who could and could not live there. In 1968 with the Fair Housing Act, discrimination on […]
First Time Buyer Frustrated at the High Cost of a Starter Home? In this hyper-competitive escalating housing market, many homeowners are having difficulty buying their first home.  Due to rock-bottom interest rates and scarce inventory, demand is through the roof, so too many buyers are competing for too-few available single-family homes. This is true for not just the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett metropolitan area, but further afield as well. While […]
Design Trends Make Your Space Feel Like a Getaway Feeling cooped up because you can’t travel? I sure do! Most of us can’t go to exotic places for a bit, so instead it might help to bring them to us. Here are some easy ways to help our home feel like a vacation destination! In this article, Airbnb shares tips! 5 Ways to Make […]