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New Post Time to Act to Remedy the Housing Shortage If you’re a buyer in today’s housing market, you know how tough it is to purchase a new home! This is especially true in the Seattle metropolitan area, particularly in the suburbs. There are too many buyers for the scant inventory available, leading to bidding wars and disappointed would-be buyers. This article from Realtor Magazine […]
Finances Tax Benefits of Owning a Home Aside from the potential increase in a home’s equity and value over time, did you know that there can be significant tax benefits from owning your own home? Here is a Forbes’ article that discusses  Ten Tax Benefits of Owning a Home.  
New Post March 2021 Market Snapshot For a short video with highlights and the latest March 2021 housing statistics and market activity in our area, click HERE!   , click HERE!
Current Real Estate Market Seattle Times Article: Buying a House in Seattle This is a decent article about buying a home in Seattle in the current intense seller’s market. The article does a good job discussing the challenges, potential pitfalls, and steps to successfully purchasing a home. While I don’t completely agree with some of the statistics (such as the % of homes that generate bidding wars), […]
Current Real Estate Market Housing Tipping Point? This past year the housing market surprised a lot of us: Sales were brisk, prices rose, and interest rates hit record lows, fueling demand. Who would have predicted this during a pandemic? The winds of change may be blowing, however. This article discusses various factors that may point to an upcoming correction in the housing […]
New Post The Cost of Waiting to Buy If you are considering purchasing a home, this year could be a fantastic time! This article discusses the costs of waiting in a rising market.
Community Ending Discrimination Seattle has a looong history of discrimination and suffers from its effects today. In Seattle, there are some neighborhoods where for decades certain classes of people were not allowed to purchase a home; these areas had restrictive language specifying who could and could not live there. In 1968 with the Fair Housing Act, discrimination on […]
First Time Buyer Frustrated at the High Cost of a Starter Home? In this hyper-competitive escalating housing market, many homeowners are having difficulty buying their first home.  Due to rock-bottom interest rates and scarce inventory, demand is through the roof, so too many buyers are competing for too-few available single-family homes. This is true for not just the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett metropolitan area, but further afield as well. While […]
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