Current Real Estate Market Interest Rates: History, Influences, Predictions Curious about mortgage rates? In this video, Matthew Gardner shares his perspective on how rates are set, what affects them, and where industry experts predict rates to go this next year. As a general rule of thumb, good financial news is bad for interest rates.…/10-25-2021-housing-and…
Current Real Estate Market Homeowner Equity Soars Here’s a great article by The Seattle Times that discusses homeowner equity gains over the past year. Key points: Home price appreciation is expected to slow this next year, CA, WA, and ID saw the biggest equity price increases this past year, and many who wish to purchase are finding it more and more difficult to […]
Current Real Estate Market Monday with Matthew: How Do Buyers & Sellers Feel About the Housing Market? This week, Matthew discusses Fannie Mae’s “Home Purchase Sentiment Index” that discusses how buyers and sellers feel about the housing market. In a nutshell, the report says that currently most people do not think it is a good time to buy. Why? There are not enough homes available to purchase Rapidly rising prices are scaring […]
Community Local Pumpkin Patches Fall is officially here! It is the season for apple cider, cuddly sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything. If you’re like me and enjoy getting outdoors, here are 9 pumpkin patches around Seattle to visit. These are on the deluxe side, with corn mazes and fall festivals. Hope to see you at one soon! 9 of […]
Home Tips 5 Tips for an Estate Sale Are you considering selling your home but have too.much.stuff? Are you a personal representative for an estate and need expert help? Here are 5 Tips to help you navigate! Feel free to contact me for additional resources and assistance, 425-773-4381. #yourhomesherpa
New Post Seattle Area Real Estate Experts Predict Which Covid-Era Trends Will Last Local real estate gurus weigh in on which Covid-Era Trends Will Last: Interesting article! A few highlights. Matthew Gardner (Windermere Real Estate’s Chief Economist): “We’re not over developed, we are under demolished.” Matthew’s three criteria for buying a home: “One, are you stable in your job, or are you working for a dotcom where […]
Current Real Estate Market Q2 2021 Western Washington Gardner Report Matthew Gardner, Windermere’s Chief Economist, shares second quarter 2021 housing statistics. To see his blog, click here.  Highlights from Matthew: Q2 Listing activity was 42.8% higher thanQ1 San Juan, King, Whatcom, and Snohomish counties saw significant sales increases Home prices rose 31.4% compared to a year ago. The average sale price was $734,567—another all-time record. […]
Design Trends Permit-Ready ADUs With the rising cost of housing and the desire to increase housing options, many cities are revising zoning and building codes and allowing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The City of Renton is one of them. This shift to ADUs seems novel and interesting. However, what sort of impact ADUS will have on existing infrastructure (roads, […]
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Community Seattle Food Truck Recommendations Do you like food trucks? Do you like exploring and trying new dishes? If so, consider trying one of these awesome food trucks! I’ve personally eaten from “El Camion” and “Where Ya At Matt” and can vouch for their quality, taste, and value. Check out these other delicious options:  
Current Real Estate Market Why Homebuyers Are Struggling in This Market Here is a great Forbes article that gives a nice overview of the challenges buyers (especially first-time home buyers) are having in today’s strong seller’s market. The buying strategies discussed are sound and common in our area. While this is great information, the author doesn’t mention the importance of communication. I cannot overstress the importance […]
Current Real Estate Market Monday with Matthew: Why Home Prices Have Risen So Much In this month’s episode of “Monday with Matthew,” Matthew Gardner digs into the data on inflation rates and mortgage payments to explain the significant increase in home prices over the past thirty years. He also discusses the topic of a housing “bubble.” Good stuff!!
New Post Time to Act to Remedy the Housing Shortage If you’re a buyer in today’s housing market, you know how tough it is to purchase a new home! This is especially true in the Seattle metropolitan area, particularly in the suburbs. There are too many buyers for the scant inventory available, leading to bidding wars and disappointed would-be buyers. This article from Realtor Magazine […]
Community Edmonds In Bloom! Are you a garden buff? Do you enjoy gardens even if you don’t personally garden? Well, here’s a great way to tour local gardens for inspiration and enjoyment. Saturday, July 18 the annual Edmonds In Bloom Garden Tour. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of this event. For tickets and other information, click this link: […]
Design Trends Summer Gardening With Containers Summer is officially here! If you’re like me, you enjoy gardening and appreciate how pretty container gardening can be. Container gardens work well in large spaces like a patio or yard, or in small ones like a balcony. Here is a great article with ideas for gardening with foliage in containers. It’s a great read […]
Current Real Estate Market May 2021 Was Record Breaking This past month was one for the record books: Record increases in the median price year-over-year, record low inventory, and record low interest rates. It was (and still is) a “perfect cocktail” for sellers and a “perfect storm” for buyers. For a good article about the current Seattle real estate market, click the link below: […]
Current Real Estate Market May Housing Statistics The May 2021 housing numbers for the Northwest Multiple Listing Service have been crunched. My reaction? WOW!! The median price for a single family home increased 30% over May 2020. For a quick video featuring the highlights and further details, click here.
Finances Tax Benefits of Owning a Home Aside from the potential increase in a home’s equity and value over time, did you know that there can be significant tax benefits from owning your own home? Here is a Forbes’ article that discusses  Ten Tax Benefits of Owning a Home.  
Current Real Estate Market Q1 2021 Gardner Report First quarter housing numbers are in! As you might expect, Western Washington continues to be a strong seller’s market and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. Low interest rates, limited inventory, and pandemic-driven relocations are the biggest factors. Notice how San Juan and Island Counties topped the list for increased sales volume in […]
New Post March 2021 Market Snapshot For a short video with highlights and the latest March 2021 housing statistics and market activity in our area, click HERE!   , click HERE!
Current Real Estate Market Seattle Times Article: Buying a House in Seattle This is a decent article about buying a home in Seattle in the current intense seller’s market. The article does a good job discussing the challenges, potential pitfalls, and steps to successfully purchasing a home. While I don’t completely agree with some of the statistics (such as the % of homes that generate bidding wars), […]